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Dublin Barrista School – Lovely latte on South Ann Street!


I have been quite set in my way lately when it comes to coffee, going to the same places over and over because I know I will be getting a great cup of coffee! But I had wanted to try the Dublin Barrista School for a while, reasoning that if they teach coffee making, they must be good right?!? Well they were but it hasn’t knocked any of my favourites off their top spot.



I didn’t try any of their sweet treats but their coffee was excellent, the blend was lovely and served in very cute cups!  But what really surprised me was what a nice space the inside was. When you look at it from the outside it looks tiny, but when you go in and pass the narrow counter there is a lovely room out the back that feels a bit like hanging out at a friends house. I also really liked all the coffee making parafinalia dotted around the room, most of which I had no idea what it was, but it looked cool!


DSC00273 DSC00275


DSC00276The coffee itself was very well made so I would definitely suggest checking it out if you haven’t already, and if you are a serious coffee fan then have a look at the cool courses they offer!!


Twitter: @dubbaristasch


Address: 19a South Ann Street, Dublin 2.