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A Saturday in the Wairarapa & Cape Palliser


After coming back from Christmas holiday we decided that we wanted to explore more of the surrounding area of Wellington. So our first day trip was to take advantage of the Martinborough Fair in the Wairarapa, supposedly the biggest fair in NZ, which after seeing it I think is true. We spent a few hours walking round and checking it out, it was a good spot for people watching and there was s a lovely bonsai stand with a mini juniper tree that took my fancy.

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When we were done there (and hungry) we went to The Vineyard Cafe for lunch, I picked it because the food looked good without being to expensive or fancy and there was plenty of outside seating in a pretty setting. The location was great to enjoy eating outside looking onto the vines, but it was very very hot, so a more flexible umbrella policy would have been appreciated (we were told they couldn’t put them up because the wind was unpredictable, but there was not a whisper of wind, which the windmill in the distance confirmed, and it was like that for the time that we were there). The food was nice, just fine, not great, but it was a lovely spot. J had the BLT with chips and I had the halloumi salad, which was so good that I asked what halloumi they used and it was the Zany Zeus variety that you can get from Commonsense Organics or Moore Wilson’s in town.






After lunch we drove from Martinborough to Cape Palliser along Palliser Bay. The drive was stunning and it is such a beautiful stretch of coast line. We made our way first to the Cape’s Lighthouse which you have to climb about a million steep stairs to get to, up was fine but down was a bit scary if you don’t like heights.











When we were done taking in the views we headed back down the steps and drove to a really pretty beach we had spotted on the way and just spent some time people watching and enjoying the surroundings. J went to hang out on a big rock and I watched the guy fishing make a catch, cut it and clean it in the stream water.










It was great to explore more of the surrounding area of Wellington and I had no idea how beautiful that stretch of coast line would be, it even rivalled a lot of the South Island!



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  1. Lovely photos, beautiful coastline. Glad to see you recovered from your Christmas N hemisphere bug!! We had a lovely Sunday lunch with Mum & Dad in the magnificent Devizes mansion, now there is a retirement project!! Congratulations once again on J’s success. Love to you both. C

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