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Labour Day Weekend in Wanaka

Last weekend was our first ‘Bank Holiday’ weekend in New Zealand. It was Labour Day on the  Monday and I left a work a touch early on the Friday so we could start our 6 hour drive down to Lake Wakana as early as possible. We had no traffic and even made such good time […]

What a spot for dinner!

Camping in Lake Tekapo

Having arrived at Christchurch airport, delayed by 3o minutes we were worried about getting hold of our campervan (it was really a camper car: an old Toyota Estima with its backseats ripped out and replaced by a camp stove, an ice-box and some foam cushions on ply). It had been interesting to find out that […]


Monasteries, Meditation and an undead Monk – A trip to Koyasan.

Before heading to Kyoto, and to escape the summer humidity, we headed up into the mountains to Koya san: just under 3 hours by train from Osaka, in the Wakayama Prefecture. An area that was designated a UNESO World Heritage Site in 2004 for its “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”. […]


Watching Sumo in Tokyo’s Kokugikan: all you need to know about the art of attritional hugging

We were lucky enough that our time in Tokyo coincided with one of the annual six honbasho (‘Grand Sumo Champsionships’), only 3 of which take place in Kokugikan (‘the Sumo Hall’) in Tokyo’s Ryōgoku district (over 15 days in January, May and September). Gabby’s dad was always a fan and on his recommendation we had to go […]

Candy floss made just for me!

Le Meurin Restaurant @ Le Château de Beaulieu

Having booked the Schlosshotel Lerbach (see previous post) hoping to enjoy their gourmet restaurant I was disappointed that their staff did not mention to me when I booked that the restaurant was going to be closed on the day we were staying. I had been really looking forward to this fine dining experience as a […]