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Monasteries, Meditation and an undead Monk – A trip to Koyasan.

Before heading to Kyoto, and to escape the summer humidity, we headed up into the mountains to Koya san: just under 3 hours by train from Osaka, in the Wakayama Prefecture. An area that was designated a UNESO World Heritage Site in 2004 for its “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”. […]

Chatei Hatou

A coffee experience at Chatei Hatou in Shibuya – Tokyo

Chatei Hatou is a traditional japanese kissaten (coffee house) in Shibuya. Tokyo is littered with coffee chains, some American and some Japanese; you cannot walk 300m without finding one. But I have zero interest in those places and instead prefer to get my coffee from independent coffee establishments, whether new or old. This one was […]