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Okura 25

The Okura Hotel – a journey into the past.

The Okura hotel is an iconic Tokyo hotel. Since it first opened its doors in 1962, it has housed movie stars, sporting heroes, world leaders and royalty. To give you a few examples of its pedigree: President Ford (1974), President Carter (1980), President Nixon (1982), Prince Philip (1984), Prince Charles and Diana (1986), Presidnet Reagan (1986), Margret […]


Watching Sumo in Tokyo’s Kokugikan: all you need to know about the art of attritional hugging

We were lucky enough that our time in Tokyo coincided with one of the annual six honbasho (‘Grand Sumo Champsionships’), only 3 of which take place in Kokugikan (‘the Sumo Hall’) in Tokyo’s Ryōgoku district (over 15 days in January, May and September). Gabby’s dad was always a fan and on his recommendation we had to go […]

Chatei Hatou

A coffee experience at Chatei Hatou in Shibuya – Tokyo

Chatei Hatou is a traditional japanese kissaten (coffee house) in Shibuya. Tokyo is littered with coffee chains, some American and some Japanese; you cannot walk 300m without finding one. But I have zero interest in those places and instead prefer to get my coffee from independent coffee establishments, whether new or old. This one was […]